Two Stage Retard Module

Two Stage Retard ModuleThe new and improved Dynatek Two Stage Retard Module now offers progressive timing retard or advance in 2 separately adjustable stages. The new 5-TSRAM is adjustable for 0-20 degrees of ignition timing retard in 2 degree increments over a 4 second time span in second increments. It can also be used as a progressive timing advance device so that the user may start off with a retarded timing setting and then build the timing back in over a set time span. This is adjustable from 20-0 degrees and 0- 4 seconds in second increments. If more than 2 stages of timing control are desired 2 5-TSRAM modules may be connected in series. The new 5-TSRAM can be used for both 4 cylinder and V-Twin applications where the Dyna 4000 ignition system is used.

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 Dyna Two Stage Timing Retard Module