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Multi-Channel Digital Ignition Tester

MSD Multi-Channel Digital Ignition TesterThis Tester can be used to check MSD’s line of Motorcycle Ignition Controls. It features a dual channel output plus a circuit to confirm the operation of the Cam Sync pickup of the MC-4.

The tester produces a simulated trigger signal that fires the ignition just as if the engine were running. A special, load producing clip-on spark plug is included to connect to the coil wire. If the spark is unable to jump the gap of the tester, there is an ignition problem and you can trace it down.

The Tester has an LCD display that clearly shows the simulated rpm and easily connects with firm grip alligator style terminals and matching ends for trigger inputs. Not only can you confirm the operation of the ignition and coils, but you can also test the accuracy of any rpm limits, rpm activated switches, shift light operation, and your tachometer. The tester operates on 1,2 or 4-cylinder engines and will simulate up to 16,000 rpm.

Note: MSD has discontinued this product. As of 10/16/2013 they had 9 remaining.

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 MSD Motorcycle Ignition Tester - MC-1, MC-2, MC-3, MC-4