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Software Features

The RPM Pro software for PC is has many features not yet available elsewhere. The entire program was designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use operator interface which allows you to be up to speed quickly.

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Auto Display Screen ShotAuto Display Profiles

These profiles allow you to setup the way you want the graph data to be presented. Then, each time you download a run, the data is automatically displayed according to your profile. This profile is also stored in the DL-10 Data Logger. By doing this, the system allows you to download your data into any computer and get the same display without resetting the profile. This also allows multiple racers to download into the same computer without having to change profiles.


Overlay Screen ShotOverlay

The RPM PRO software will overlay up to 4 runs on the screen so you can easily identify differences between the runs. Also, if more than one run is selected for download, the software will automatically overlay the runs for you.



Channel Select

Adding or removing a channel from the graph is as simple as clicking on the digital reading for that channel. One click, it's on. One click, it's off.

Channel Select  Channel Select


The ZOOM function allows you unlimited enlarging of any section of the run to get a better look at the data. You can zoom in several times then zoom back out in steps.

Zoom Screen Shot   Zoom Screen Shot

Time Slip Notes

When examining run data or comparing runs, it is useful to know the ETs and some basic information about the run. The RPM PRO software has incorporated the ability to have that information at your fingertips while the graph is displayed (which is, after all, when you need it). By right clicking on the "RUN #" in the left of the text data window, the time slip, notes line and split times information can be brought up. This information is recalled from the log book page, and you can also enter this information here without having to go to another screen to access the log book.

Time Slip Notes  Time Slip Notes

Quick Color Screen ShotQuick Color

Sometimes it is helpful to change the color of a graph line to better identify a channel. The software allows you to change the color of a data line without leaving the graph screen. Simply right click on the text data for that channel and select the new color.



One Click

This is a very useful function when overlaying runs. With one click, you can add or remove all the graph curves for a run, or all the curves for a channel. For example, if you have four runs overlaid, each showing five data curves, you can remove all five of the data curves for any of the runs by clicking the run #. One click, the run is out, one click, it's back. You can also remove the lines for any channel in a similar manner. Click on the channel name above the text data and that channel will be removed for all runs, click again and they're back.

One Click Screen Shot   One Click Screen Shot

Graph Slides

The RPM PRO graph presentation has an upper and lower graph display. This allows more curves to be presented with less confusion. The upper display is preset to cover 75% of the graph window. If you want to enlarge the lower window, simply position the cursor over the line separating the upper and lower graphs until the up/down arrow appears, then press and hold the left mouse button to "drag" the separation line and release it where you want it. The graph will then be redrawn with the new positioning.

Graph Slides  Graph Slides

Log BookLog Book

The RPM PRO software contains a comprehensive Log Book feature. It is designed so that you can set it up to meet your needs, whether you want 1 entry or 200 entries. The time slip, notes line and split times from the log page can also be displayed on the graph window without opening the log book.



The DL10 system and RPM PRO software will allow you to view and log to file, the real time data from the data logger sensors. This is useful during warm up to view data and verify sensors.


Calibration Screen ShotCalibration

The RPM PRO software has easy to use calibration capabilities. Most sensors supplied by RPM will come with a cal sheet that specifies the numbers to enter, but the system is designed to allow you to add a variety of sensors from other sources. With up to five cal points, the system is also capable of accurate readings from nonlinear sensors. The cal screen displays the current voltage reading from each sensor to assist you in calibrating nonstandard or application specific sensors.