Spencer Adjustable KickstandsSpencer Adjustable Kickstands


These are fully adjustable kickstands made from T-6 6061 billet aluminum. These kickstands are a piece of art. They are the strongest out on the market, unlike others that can split in half leaving your bike lying on its side. They come complete with everything to bolt it on, including an allen wrench for the adjuster. Comes in a nice billet finish. With these adjustable kickstands you can raise and lower your bike as you want and not have to worry about altering your stock kickstand. They are fully adjustable and offer 5 different adjustment positions. The adjustment is a simple remove a bolt and slide the adjustment hole to where you need it. The stand uses all factory springs and bolts and install just as the factory kickstand does, it even allows you to keep your kickstand down safety switch intact and working.


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 Spencer Adjustable Kickstand GSXR1000 01-06, GSXR600/750 00-09