MPS Quick Shifter

Shift At Full Throttle  With An MPS  Quick Shifter

Our Quick Shifter gives you perfect shifts at full throttle by just pulling the shifter. You still manually shift with your foot but you won't need to let off the throttle or pull in the clutch to perform lightning fast up shifts. You set up the switch to activate the Sport Bike Electronic Engine Kill just as there is a load on the shifter. The kill unloads the trans allowing the shift just like an air shifter. The Quick Shifter includes all components and instructions necessary for a basic installation, however you will need to fabricate your own switch bracketry. The Electronic Engine Kill features easy kill time adjustment. We invented the Electronic Engine Kill back in 1988 so we can offer our exclusive, no hassle, free repair or replacement lifetime warranty. Be sure to ask about that when buying a brand x copycat shifter.

Schnitz Harness

MPS Coil Harness for Ignition Kill

Tired of having to splice and solder into your stock wiring harness in order to wire up an engine kill box? So are we! Now you don't have to with the MPS Coil Harness. This Kit uses stock OEM connectors for a quick, clean installation on nearly all stock coils. Everything is included for coil wiring!

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 MPS Quick Shifter



 MPS Sport Bike Electronic Engine Kill (4 coil)



 MPS Coil Harness Suzuki - Ignition Kill



 MPS Coil Harness Kawasaki - Ignition Kill



 Schnitz Kawasaki Harness for MPS Sport Bike Engine Kill



 MPS Sport Bike Engine Kill or Auto Shift Replacement Harness



 MPS Quick Shifter Switch