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Featherweight Lithium Battery



Yuasa Battery

Yuasa HP Maintenance Free Battery





FBG Pro Hayabusa BatteryFast By Gast Pro Hayabusa Battery



MPS Battery Charge Harness
MPS Battery Charge Harness Installed MPS Battery Charge Harness


Tiger 24volt Charge/Start System Auto Harness for Hayabusa

This new harness has most everything you could want in a harness.  Once installed, just push the start button and Tiger battery harnessthe harness connects both batteries to supply 24volts to the starter.  When the starter button is released, the batteries are now both being charged by the bikes own charging system.  When the bike is turned off, both batteries are  disconnected from each other so as not to drain one battery into the other.  This is a problem sometimes with dissimilar sized batteries.  If the second battery should become low or discharged and you can’t start your bike, just flip the supplied Emergency switch and you are now back on the main battery so you can start it. 


Tiger Racing Hayabusa Battery Box
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Tiger Racing Hayabusa Battery BoxNew Battery Box for the Hayabusa. Mounts behind the headlight

This Front Mount Battery Box is designed to bolt onto the stock faring stay and provide a convenient location to mount your battery. Great for those with cut frame rails or anyone looking to add some weight to the front of the bike.

Note - Stock headlight will need to removed or highly modified to fit

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 Featherweight Lithium Battery 240 A 6 X 3 7/16 X 4 1/8



 Featherweight Lithium Battery 360 A 6 X 3 7/16 X 4 1/8



 Yuasa H P Maintenance Free Battery



 Yuasa Battery Hayabusa 99-07



 FBG Pro Hayabusa Battery



 FBG 6 AMP Pro Battery Charger



 Tiger Racing Battery Box - Hayabusa



 Tiger 24 Volt Start System Harness Auto



 MPS Battery Charge Harness



 Hayabusa Engine Case Protector Starter Kickback Gen 1