Hayabusa Clutch Modifications

Stop the chatter and get better 60' times!

MPS Clutch Mod Kit MPS Welded Back Torque Limiter

The MPS Hayabusa Clutch Modifications are a must to drag race your Hayabusa! The stock clutch with its lock up mechanism is grabby and chatters. This makes good launches almost impossible. Our clutch mod kit uses a billet aluminum - hard anodized ring that holds the lock up mechanism in a fixed position. Heavy duty clutch springs are included in the clutch mod kit to prevent clutch slippage. Another option is to send in your back torque limiter (both pieces) and we will exchange it for a welded one. Get yours today! It is recommended to install a clutch slave cylinder support when modifying your clutch (see below).

Hayabusa Clutch Slave Cylinder Supports

HMF Hayabusa Clutch Slave Cylinder SupportHMF Hayabusa Clutch Slave Cylinder Support
 RPM Cycle Hayabusa Clutch Slave Cylinder Support

Exoticycle Slave Support


Brock's Clutch Cushion Kit - Hayabusa

Brock's Clutch Cushion Kit - HayabusaWith the Clutch Cushion Kit, the clutch actuation is COMPLETELY chatter-free. There is no longer a need to oil your clutch plates before heading to the track with the hopes of getting a couple of smooth passes in before they start acting up. This feature alone saves the stock Busa owner a considerable amount of work, time and hassle. Another feature is noticeably increased clutch life due to the addition of Brock's Performance engineered clutch springs designed specifically for this application. In big-displacement/high torque applications, the results are multiplied even greater. The modified-engine Busa owner has been frustrated in the past due to the unpredictable action of the clutch when additional power is applied. Later model kits include: 1- BDE adapter kit. 1- BDE Dual-Stage Clutch Cushion. 1- Cushion Ring 6- BDE Load Control Clutch Springs (specially designed, no spacers required) (Staggered Assembly..... Four: BDE-HD Two: BDE-EHD) 1-Clutch Cushion Kit assembly instructions. 1- 6 position BDE Clutch Lever Cam. 1-spare spring detent ball for the Lever Cam. 1-Lever Cam assembly instructions


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