MPS Tether Kill Switches

The Finest Dead Man's Tether Kill Switch On The Market

MPS Tether Kill MPS Tether Kill

MPS Tether Kill Comparison   MPS Tether Kill Rebuild Kit

  • Required By Most Racing Sanctions
  • Coil Cord is Nylon Reinforced
  • Billet Aluminum Construction
  • CNC Machined
  • Black Anodized
  • Fits 7/8" Bars
  • Narrow Only 1/2" Wide
  • Split For Easy Installation
  • Rebuildable
  • Double Detented Plug
  • Normally Closed Operation
  • Comes With Cord And Plug

       Cords and plugs sold separately


MPS Tether Kill Switches are the standard of the industry. CNC machined from billet aluminum then hard anodized black for a good looking tough finish. Split design allows easy installation anywhere on the handlebar. Complete switch comes apart for easy inspection with 2 bolts without removing it from the handlebars. This is the best tether kill out there period! Comes with cord and plug.



PMR Killswitch

PMR Thether Kill LanyardThe PMR Killswitch was designed to stop the engine if the rider loses control of their bike. The switch is a normally closed type switch and replaces the stock bar clamp on most 7/8 handle bars. This PMR Killswitch fits all brand of motorcycles with the clutch or brake assemblies for 7/8 handle bars made by Nissin (look on the back of your assembly you should see the name somewhere) with a bolt hole spacing of 32mm center to center. Please check this to verify before ordering.


Part Number

Description Racer Price


 MPS Tether Kill Switch - Coil Cord Style



 MPS Tether Kill Switch - Lanyard Style



 MPS Tether Kill Coil Cord Only



 MPS Tether Kill Lanyard Cord Only



 MPS Tether Kill Plug



 MPS Tether Kill Rebuild Kit



 PMR Stealth Killswitch with Coil Cord



 PMR Stealth Killswitch Combo



 PMR Black Bar Clamp if Not Usings Factory Brake or Clutch Mounting Bracket