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12/7/21: Nick Jones Ė Indianapolis, IN. Not necessarily a scammer but he sure is a whiner.

8/18/21: Per Paul Gast, FBG will NO LONGER deal with the following customer. 

Mike Ramirez

He initiated a credit card chargeback for the amount of $2,150.00. Which is fine BUT he will not return the product, and the credit card company states that he is not required to.
He got the money AND the business with this crook at your own risk...

09/2020: 3 different orders were placed for Gen 2 Hayabusa part using stolen cards. The ship to addresses were:

22608 Ridgeway Ave, Richton Park, IL 60471 (2 orders)
507 E. Glenwood Lansing Road, Glenwood, IL 60425 (1 order)

5/27/20: Brian Maes of 26970 Colgate St, Inkster, MI 48141 tried to have $630 worth of parts 2nd day aired to his home. Problem is he was trying to use a stolen credit cart. He had done the same thing to Schnitz back in 11/2019. That transaction ended in a chargeback unfortunately. Todays transaction ended with the bank and the authorities being given this scammer's address. Dan oh so politely (not) explained this to Brian.


Stolen Credit Card Alerts

09/2020: 3 different orders were placed for Gen 2 Hayabusa part using stolen cards. The ship to addresses were:

22608 Ridgeway Ave, Richton Park, IL 60471 (2 orders)
507 E. Glenwood Lansing Road, Glenwood, IL 60425 (1 order)

5/27/20: Brian Maes of 26970 Colgate St, Inkster, MI 48141 tried to have $630 worth of parts 2nd day aired to his home. Problem is he was trying to use a stolen credit cart. He had done the same thing to Schnitz back in 11/2019. That transaction ended in a chargeback unfortunately. Todays transaction ended with the bank and the authorities being given this scammer's address. Dan oh so politely (not) explained this to Brian.

10/16/19: Morris Creggett Jr. tried to order a Spyder Nitrous Kit for a Hayabusa using a stolen credit card. He was having the parts shipped to his home at 912 West Front, Altheimer, AR 72004.

His Email address is, number on the order was 870-329-4835 but he called fro 870-717-2293. His Facebook is We have many common friends on Facebook. I have contacted to the actual card holder in NY and passed along all the information to provide to the police. I am alerting all our dealers and distributors.

10/10/19: From Dogwood Racing:

Keep your eyes out for this guy. He purchased a product from me on 9/23/19 and not long after a PayPal dispute was opened on the charge. I'm guessing he used a stolen credit card.

See the attachment for a screen shot of his FB page (Kidd White). He answered as Corey White on the phone. He has used two phone numbers 313-564-9133 and 313-326-6121.

The PayPal info I received was from Lauren Kalin***** (I'm guessing she is the CC victim) and he used a ship to address of 9962 Westwood St Detroit MI 48228. He purchased parts for a 06-11 ZX14.

I confronted him by phone about the dispute. He said he will get to the bottom of it and let me know. Holding my breath LOL.

3/21/18: PLEASE SHARE AND PEPOST from Montgomery Motorsports: Unfortunately the Facebook Post was removed (b/c the culprits complained I assume) but here is the crime.

Dear Friends/Customers/Racers & Fans of MMS (Montgomery Motorsports),
We had a very unfortunate case of fraud occur recently, which ultimately resulted in three of our beautifully hand-crafted carbon fiber Hayabusa fuel tanks being stolen (two regular weave & one checkered weave). While we have worked diligently to rectify and resolve the situation, our many attempts have been unsuccessful. We know our community of customers, racers, friends, family, & fans is very strong, which is why we’re asking for your help. If you or anyone you know can help us in the recovery of any of the three stolen tanks (Retailed at $1500.00 each) we will reward anyone who can have a tank returned to MMS. The reward will depend on the condition of the tanks, but rest assured we will have a cash reward for the return of any or all of the stolen tanks.
So, here are some of the details:
Tanks were purchased via a stolen credit card & shipped to 8732 NW 119 Street, Bay #3, Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018 (address is for Willy’s Auto Services) and supposedly to “Steve Collins”. To save some time & unnecessary information, the tanks were located via Facebook as Knights Wedoitbetter posted multiple photos & attempted to sell tanks online. Just in the last week another person of interest appeared when Orestes Delgado attempted to sell one of the tanks on a Facebook group. So, from everything we know, the tanks are still in Florida floating around between this collusion of thief’s.
If you have any information regarding this, we would appreciate your help… OR if you can assist in having the tanks returned we will not ask questions once they are returned and will reward for any or all tanks that are returned to our facility.
Thank you all!

2/21/18: Received an internet order for a Gen II clutch totalling $2429.89 including next day air shipping. I called the credit card issuing bank to alert them of the suspected fraud. The IP address of the scammer is which appears to be out of California. The ship to address (different from the billing address) was 2613 Windy Hill Point, Lawrenceville, GA 30022. I am not including the name on the order because it is the name of the actual card holder and the card has been reported.

8/17/16: Albert Situmorang placed an order for 3 dyna 2000 ignitions. Address provided is a shipping company in MN. Credit card provided issued in Canada (CIBC 800-465-4653). They verified the card does not belong to this name or address. Clinton at Vyking Ship (952-941-2452) said person who rented the suite is from Indonesia. He is closing the guys shipping account due to the fraud.

03/02/16: Received internet order from email address and IP address Shipping address was different than billing address of the card. The order was for a CBR1000 12-13 PC5. Basic order but it smelled fishy. American Express contacted card holder and verified they had not placed the order. Be weary of any orders shipping to 641 Douvd Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 0720.

12/25/15: Received an internet order for over $1200 worth of parts shipping to an address in MN. The order was placed under the name David Regar. After a very brief investigation (because it screamed scam) it was discovered the address is a shipping company, the person who ordered ships to Indonesia and the card was stolen. Credit card company notified card holder and we notified the shipping company who then closed his account.

8/24/15: Received final chargeback notification for an order processed in May. Scammer info: Dewih Aminah, 76 Shau Kei Wan Main St, 1/F Front Portion, Kwongshun Mansion, Shau Kei Wan Eastern , HK. It was a small order for a single MSD coil and plug wire shipping US Mail.

1/23/15: Spoke to a male (calling from 904-236-9372) who claimed to be from TN wanting to order an MPS Spyder Dry Nitrous Kit for a 2005 GSXR1000 for his brother in Jacksonville. He was offended that I would only ship to the billing address of the credit card. We later received an internet order from IP address for a Spyder Dry Nitrous Kit for a 2005 GSXR1000 overnighted to Jacksonville.. The order was placed under the name John Reaves from TN (creative fake name considering the card was stolen from a TN John Deere dealer employee named Reaves). Attempted to call "Mr. Reaves" at the above number but was told by a female he had borrowed the phone and the owner of the phone did not know him. The ship to address was 6892 Wall Springs Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32222. (In 2006 we had a customer by the name of Flemmon Seymour at that address) and email address Later in the day received a call from 904-236-9372 (caller ID Seymour Flemmon) wanting to make sure we knew he let some stranger borrow his phone. Sadly enough, that address is also the corporate address of a Jacksonville day care center whose registered agent's name is Seymour!!! Sad, sad commentary.

12/7/14: Received internet order from IP address98.25.41.217 for a Hayabusa Slider Basket. Overnight shipping was requested to 5737 Brodgon Road (could be Lane?), Alcolu, SC 29001. The email address provided was I spoke to the credit card holder and she confirmed she did not authorize this transaction. The authorities are being contacted and given all pertinent information to catch these thieves.

01/20/14: Received internet order from IP address for a Simpson helmet (totaling $742.81). The order was placed under the name Tri Wahyuni and the address Beco Colonos 3, FL 05, Flat A ED, Macau City Ngai Cheng Kuok - St. Anthony (Macau). The email used is and the phone number is 853-485-2399. Attempted to contact the "customer" to no avail. Alerted issuing bank of fraud

12/12/13: Received internet order from IP address for a Holley Traction Control. Customer wanted unit overnighted to 5459 4th Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90043 (not the billing address of the Amex). The Email address is and the telephone number is 213-926-2292. Contacted "customer" and let her know I had to ship to the billing address of the card. She fought but finally hung up on me. Notified American Express as well as the 77th division of the LAPD (213-485-4161).

06/19/13: Received internet order from an IP address in Lake Placid, FL ( for $1800+ worth of transmission parts for a 2003 Hayabusa. The parts were to be shipped to 527 Upstate Ave S, Lehigh Acres, FL 33974. Phone number is 480-231-5989 which no one ever answers. The American Express card number they were trying to use was stolen from a Ford dealership in IA. Provided them all information to give to the authorities. 07/03/13: Received another identical order from IP address in Fort Meyers, FL ( Phone number on this order is 239-324-9502. A male answers this phone "-------- Cycles". I could not understand him and he hung up when I asked him to repeat the name. This time the card was stolen from a Scion Dealership in OH. Lee Co Sheriff's Office has been notified

05/26/13: Received internet order from an IP address in Morraco ordering air shifter parts. Billing address of card is in France. Card stolen (Duh!). Name of the person on the order is Akram Kraimi and his email is He chats on email. Was ordering for a 2009 GSXR750.

05/17/13: Received an internet order for over $900 worth of Dyna ignitions. We did not ship anything due to the suspicious nature of the order. The customer's name is Hendrik Purnomo. Address is 55335 Corwin Rd, Unit A974141,Elkhart,IN 46514. The card he is using is stolen. The address is a shipping company by the name of Viaddress. The number he provides belongs to a very nice lady who has received 50+ of calls from merchants looking for this scammer. Called Elkhart PD but they are unwilling to contact Viaddress to see who owns the unit. I hunted down the number to Viaddress (574-742-8203) and spoke to Andrea. She confirmed the unit belongs to Hendrik who lives in Indonesia (surprise, surprise!). They have not shipped any product as of yet. She is more than willing to allow the police access to the unit.. I tracked down a few of the victims ($800 in music supplies, $450 in clothing, $700 watch, $600+ kayak, etc ) and left a message for the Detective that has been Viaddress before.

04/17/13:  KWS gave us this info with regard to the scam. They was scammed out of over $7K in product to a customer who claimed to call from California (b/c he was stationed there in the military), placed 2 orders, then had his "local friend" in SC go by KWS collect the parts. Unfortunately no ID was obtained from the guy that picked up the products any of the multiple times he did so. All the products seem to be for an 06 GSXR 1000. One of the things they stole was a set of BST carbon fiber wheels with serial numbers 4759 (front) and 114 (rear). 

Bill to:  Mr David Johnson
18135 Querida Sol
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

Ship to (or pick up):  Mr David Johnson
2260 Kolb Rd
Sumter, SC 29154

When the card was processed it matched the billing address in CA. Everything was fine until the cardholder filed a chargeback. It is believed the house in SC is the residence of Deloris C Walton.

1/30/13: Score one for the good guys! Received a restitution check in the amount of $85.95 along with the restitution paperwork. Obviously I have no idea who Kilalblo Wilson, Jerel Wilkerson, or Langston Williams (named defendants) are and I have no records of a transaction totaling $1,116.44. I obtained a copy of the indictment and figured out it was a Jacksonville, FL crime occurring 12/2004-01/2005. That's when a light bulb went off. We had received a couple of $2 to $5 restitution checks back in 2006 but then they stopped. This was the first case I was aided by Jeff Rohrer of Secret Service in Jax. Police would do nothing but he was incredibly helpful. Here is the timeline I sent him (along with tons of documentation and phone calls) to get these jerks.

7/9/12: Took order from Boyd of Deming, NM totaling $818.34. It was for a dry nitrous kit and a PC5 for a 2009 Busa. Shipped order to the billing address of the card in Las Cruces, NM. Required adult signature because it was 3 day aired. Thought all was fine until we received a chargeback from the card holder on 10/22/12. Fought the charge back and lost. Of course I didn't leave it there. After our credit card processor told me it was impossible to get the card holder info ... I got the card holder name (Kathy Montgomery Jackson) and telephone number. I was even able to verify it with issuing bank. I left multiple messages for the card holder to no avail. I started suspecting the card holder may be involved so I asked the NM State Police to contact her for me. After a bit of digging I found out Boyd is in the Luna County clink for something unrelated. 1/9/13: Finally heard from the card holder. She claims she met Boyd via online dating and they dated a very brief time. He supposedly stole her card and racked up thousands of dollars worth of charges. She claims the package was refused when UPS tried to deliver. She verified he is in jail . His arraignment is tomorrow. Card holder agreed to file charges against Boyd for stealing her cards. She is also faxing me the credit card statement so I can rally all victims together.. UPDATE: Spoke to Boyd on 1/11/13. He swears the card holder authorized the purchases while he was living with her. He claims when he left he did not take Hayabusa or parts she bought for him. He admitted to just getting out of jail. Boyd is willing to pay for the parts if she does not return them b/c he does not want to go back to jail. I text the card holder what Boyd told me. Within minutes she called claiming he "dropped off" a box with parts in it and she will ship it back to me. 11/21/13: Received our parts back along with a part belonging to Schnitz. I know it doesn't sound like me but I'm leaning toward believing Boyd's rendition of this story. I think the card holder had the parts the whole time and was trying to hurt him for leaving. Moral of the story - Maybe isn't for everyone.

3/12/12: Received a telephone order from Justin Sumpter or Justin Sumter for a Sportbike auto shift with kill and 12000 chips. The ship to address he provided was 2098 New Wilkinson, Orangeburg, SC 29115. On 3/14/12 Wells Fargo called saying the card holder had reported fraudulent activity. I called UPS to redirect the package but the "customer" had picked up the package from the local hub at 0821. He had to show government ID and the clerk said he had picked packages up multiple times before. Dan took the order and remembers the kid rides a GSXR1000, probably races at the Orangeburg Dragstrip and won't win because he is clueless and he's a thief!!

08/17/11: Received an internet order from IP wanting 3 Large Simpson Helmets. The name on the order was Fitri Andria, email was and the shipping address was 488 Hennessy Rd, Hennessy Building, Flat K-L 4/F, Causeway Bay HK 8555 HONG KONG. Phone number may be 5836647222. The order total was over $1300. Being the suspicious type I held the order. The "customer" refused to pay via PayPal or cashier's check (duh). This scammer will reply immediately to emails (bear in mind that Hong Kong is 12 hours ahead of Florida). The card he stole is a Visa issued by US National Bank in ND and I reported this activity to their fraud department. They confirmed the card has been compromised.

01/20/11: Received an internet order from IP wanting two Accel DFI Thruster EFI Systems (over $3000). The name on the order was Michael Keane, email address was and the shipping address was 244 5th Ave 1906, NYC,NY 10001. The phone number provided was 239-603-6888 (Florida exchange) Upon investigation I found out the address is a mailbox rental store. The manager reported the person renting box 1906 was a new customer and has received "an unusually large" amount of packages. Unfortunately the packages were no longer there but the manager flagged his account and claims he is calling the Post Master. The name used to rent the box was Michael Keane and the phone number they had is 85755225566 (international phone number). I tried contacting the card holder's bank but it was in Brazil.

01/16/11: Received an internet order from IP wanting two R1 PC3usb and two sets of leathers (1st red flag). The name on the order was Kevin Pratama and his email was Shipping address was in Indonesia (2nd red flag). When the "customer" replied to a question the email came from Erwanto Kaku. I contacted the issuing bank in North Dakota and they are to notify the card holder.

09/02/10: Received an internet order from IP They were wanting an air shifter red labeled to 1316 Mc Kinley, Chicago Heights, IL 60411 (looks commercial). The phone number provided is disconnected. The email address was I contacted the issuing bank and the card was in fact stolen.

05/17/10: Received 2 different internet orders for an LED Purge Kit. The orders were placed at 0305 and 1513 and from different IP addresses. One order was using a Discover card and the other an Amex. The ship to addresses were: 15748 Woods St, Delhi, CA 95315 and 15739 4th St, Delhi, CA 95315 (1.3 miles apart). Obviously the AVS' did not match and we did not process the orders. Left messages for the card holders that their cards were compromised.

04/23/10: Received chargeback paperwork for an order placed via the internet on 02/16/10. A person claiming to be Reco Huggins ordered Busa pistons and 2nd day aired them to 807 E. 12th St, Suite 245, Los Angeles, CA 90021. This address matched the billing address of the card so we did not hesitate shipping the order. The email address used was This address is actually a denim store called Pablo Venichi inside of Stanford Wholesale Mart and the manager denies any knowledge of this shipment. Per FedEx the package was delivered to Suite 108 and signed for by "Brandon". Suite 108 is another clothing store but they only spoke chinese. Products were also purchased from Summit Racing (5 boxes) and clothing from (2 boxes). These 7 boxes were delivered to Pablo Venichi (suite 245). I spoke to the actual Mr. Huggins (very nice gentleman living in IL) and he has no idea how the scammers got his card numbers much less changed the billing address. Update: I finally got the truth from George the manager of Pablo Venichi, the receiving store. They had agreed through email to accept these packages and then send them via USPS to RUSSIA. Gotta love email scammers and the fools that fall for them!!

11/16/09: Received a call from the New Jersey Secret Service. They needed our contact information for restitution payments from a scammer from 10/24/07. This was another case where the local police (Bound Brook PD Officer Gianotto) actually took an interest in catching the crooks. We'll probably never actually see a dime of restitution but it's still refreshing when the good guys win! 11/23/09: Received our "Crime Victims' Rights" letter from the SA Office. Douglas Gary is named as the defendant charged with Financial Institution Fraud. 10/20/10: Received disposition letter for Douglas Gary. He received 4yrs, 3m jail time followed by 3yrs probation and $100 special assessment. Let's see how long it takes to get our restitution paid.

11/6/09: A person claiming to be Craig Addison in MO attempted to order a Schnitz Ignition Pro 2 using a stolen Wachovia Visa ending in 4012. They wanted the part Next Day Aired to 6365 Cinnamon Oaks, Dallas, TX 75241. None of the phone numbers provided were active. The email address used was . No parts were shipped. The scammers called multiple times from a blocked number trying to locate their package. I finally got a call back number of 469-233-5827. I called Mr. Addison's place of work (he's a VP at Wachovia) and his place of residence to inform him of the compromised card. He returned my calls immediately (super nice guy) and is filing a police report. Dallas PD called later in the afternoon with follow up questions (indicates they just might do something). Hopefully justice will prevail on this one!

10/26/09: A person claiming to be Michelle Glockow attempted to order 4 Dynojet PC5 units (2 Busa & 2 ZX14) using a stolen American Express card ending in 027. The phone number on the order was 347-403-0052 (NYC cell phone), the email address was and the ship to address was 2019 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212. We called the number and a male answered. He claimed Michelle was his sister and he stammered that he knew nothing about the order. I contacted American Express but received no help expect for them to verify the cardholder name and billing address. They were not willing to notify the card holder that her card was compromised. I found a number to Michelle's work?/temple and left a message for her to call. Hopefully she can pursue the thieves with the local authorities. 04/30/10: Steve from Hop Up Racing called to say he had a suspicious order come in. He Goggle searched the customers email address and found our scammers page. The email address is He also commented that Todd's latest SEMDRA win was awesome. These scum are still at it!

8/4-5/09: A person claiming to be John Seabrone attempted to order $3238.42 worth of parts via 2 orders on our internet shopping cart. They were mainly ordering parts for a GSXR 1000. The phone number on the order was 757-852-6131 (if you call it you will get a female's voice mail). The email on the order form was (imagine that!). The ship to address was: 9612 9th Bay, Norfolk, VA 23324. Suspecting fraud, I called the issuing bank so they could inform the Mr. Seabrone. They confirmed the card was stolen and stopped further transaction. We left a few messages for the "customer" but they would never call back. On 08/07, I finally received an email from them looking for their parts and to let us know the email should have been I explained via email that we needed to speak to them in order to get the right parts to them. He tried very hard to only communicate via email but I finally got him to call. The call came from 757-644-7660 and caller ID read "Samaniego? Once I had him on the phone I turned him over to Dan. I'm sure you can all imagine the outcome of that phone call!!

Miscellaneous Scammers & Scumbags

12/7/21: Nick Jones – Indianapolis, IN. Not necessarily a scammer but he sure is a whiner.

12/28/16: Julian Vijay of Young and Relentless or Life Cycles still owes Cam cores from 12/17/14. I am tired of chasing him so he has made the page. We are not talking about a lot of money but it is insulting to be strung along for 2 years.

11/22/13: Drop shipped a 34-DCS-PRO2 to Ray Powell in Fincastle, VA. Ray called on 11/27/13 to say he received a block of wood in the white product box. UPS denied the claim. Since we know Schnitz is not in the wood business, there is a stolen Schnitz Pro Series 2 Ignition bearing the serial number P3722. Please notify us if you see it or someone tries to sell it to you.

9/3/13: Mike Tona of SAE Outlaw Performance, Inc. in Deer Park NY did a $1730.86 chargeback for custom Crower Rods we paid for and had made for him. To top it off we still do not have the rods back.

7/18/13: Per Kevin At KWS - Desmond Johnson of Summerville, SC stopped payment on a $4533.05 check. Kevin has pursued him legally and was instructed to press charges. He has done so and a warrant is being issued by Dorchester County for Desmond's arrest. This is the info provided by Kevin "We finished the bike did all the final dyno work and he wrote a check (shown). He then went and cancelled the check himself the same day. I have tried to get him to pay for 2 months and then started the legal process that you see now. At this time a warrant has been issued for his arrest in SC.  He also has $1200.00-$1500.00 worth of outstanding tickets. Please feel free to share and hopefully no one else will get burned."

06/13/12: Troy Hines of Papillion, NE fraudulently initiated a charge back:
Troy Hines ordered a pressure regulator and gauge on 05/21/12. It was delivered via UPS on 05/24/12. On 05/29/12 he called and spoke to Dan because he broke his gauge by over pressurizing it. He was quite angry when Dan did not offer to send him another gauge because he did not read the directions for the regulator. After an few choice words and calling Dan a racist (not sure where that came from) he hung up the phone. He proceeded to lie to his credit card company claiming he did not receive the products. As expected, he is too much of a coward (not the actual word Dan used) to respond to all attempts of communication.

5/19/11: Fidel & Juan Azize of 360 Bike Pro in Kissimmee, FL ordered a custom swingarm on 5/4/2011. They were informed it would take 5-6 weeks to build and powder coat the swingarm. We received chargeback notification today. Luckily we have not shipped the swingarm but we did incur $77.71 worth of charges from our credit card processor. This customer will not be able to purchase from MPS until he rectifies this matter.

01/07/11: Bobby called from DC Powersports to inform us that his 2003 Hayabusa with an MPS ECU shifter was stolen last Memorial Day. Please notify us if an ECU with S/N MPS_072 if found. It will also have one of the original ECU harnesses.

07/06/10 & 07/08/10: Kevon Maxwell (Kevon Jamal Maxwell Sr.) placed 2 orders totaling $145.28. The parts were shipped to the billing address of the card - 7331 U.S. Open Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32277. On 10/16/10 his estranged wife Rasheen Bailey Maxwell (the card holder) reversed the charges claiming Kevon stole the card number. I tracked down Kevon on 11/02/10 and he said he would get us our money. As of today, 11/22/10, we still do not have our money or our parts. Kevon and Rasheen both are avoiding my phone calls. Police reports have been filed in both Seminole and Duval counties. 9/14/11: It has been well over a year and I have tried every way possible to get him to pay his debt. What a loser. Additional information:

02/08/07: Mike Kara of Bunnell, FL ordered and Dry Nitrous Kit and a Purge Kit with COD payment. We received the package back as "refused". We noticed the box had been opened and re-taped. It ends up this scumbag removed everything out of the box except the bottle. Don't know how he was able to do this unless he is in cahoots with the UPS driver. Attempted to contact customer multiple times to no avail. Customer's email address is

04/25/03: Dan Stoll of Stoll Racing in IL bounced a check for $375.70 for an air shifter, air compressor and Hayabusa wire harness. 12/28/2010: Spoke with Dan and he swore he would make payments until the debt is cleared. He has dodged us ever since

Counterfeit Check Case

1/27/09: Tom A., a customer who had posted pistons for sale in our classified section sent me the following information:

I was contacted by a person whose e-mail is This person wanted to buy a set of pistons I have on this site in your classified section. All seemed ok until I received a check for a very large amount of money with instructions to cash it immediately and send the balance to someone else to cover the shipping costs. This person claims to live in the U.K., the check came from Wisconsin via UPS overnight shipment written from a bank in Arizona, and the shipper is supposed to be in Florida!! Upon inspection from my bank I was informed that this check was counterfeit!! Watch out for this person he is a liar cheat and a thief!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to expose this person

"Robert Jones" Money Order Scam
Columbus, GA

07/21/08: What's up with the scammers? We just got hit again. Close one door and another opens! This time it was a COD cash order. We received the USPS money orders from UPS today and found that they have already been endorsed/cashed. The scammer used white out to cover the original payee name and wrote in ours. This guy's address is 6223 Bayberry Dr, Columbus, GA and he probably rides a 2007 GSXR 1000 and will be installing one of our new Spyder Nitrous Kits and an Automatic Air Shifter. He used the name Robert Jones but I doubt that really is his name. The name on the money orders is David Jordan. I guess we'll have to quit accepting CODs now.

9/1/08: I just got off the phone with Garron from Adam's Performance in Mooresville, NC. Apparently "Robert Jones" hit them last week. They shipped a Bazzaz Box, a chain and 06-07 GSXR 1000 extensions. Same story ... used or cancelled money orders. He has also called using the names Michael and Bobby Davis ordering a pipe, clutch levers and a steering stabilizer. The order going to the "Davis" person went back to Adams Performance b/c "Davis" never picked it up. All orders are shipping to Columbus, GA addresses. This joker will have to get all this stuff installed and tuned. Someone has to know something.

10/20/08: Update on the "Robert Jones" case. UPS finally reimbursed MPS the full amount for the fraudulent money orders. It took many phone calls and determination but they finally came through.

Scott McKinney Stolen Credit Card Scam
Chesterton, IN

07/17/08: I started this new Scammer alert page and sent a mass email in honor of a very unscrupulous person in our midst. His name is Scott McKinney of SMM Performance Parts in Indiana ( He was a dealer of ours for a very brief time (3 orders) and decided to chargeback a $578.78 order and keep the parts. I found out yesterday the card he used has been reported as stolen by the cardholder who lives in DE. I have provided just a few links to the forum threads devoted to this guy. What a gem. We have filed criminal charges but also wanted to warn others to beware. Please do not confuse this Scott McKinney from INDIANA with the one from OHIO. They are two different people.

Thank you for your time,

MPS Racing

07/21/08: Mr. McKinney was arrested today on a class C felony. His bike and brand new motor were confiscated! Last I heard he's there with no bond and the authorities are putting together a plethora of other charges!

10/21/08: Good news: We received a check from McKinney in September for the $578.78 he owed us. I was surprised but figured his lawyer was attempting damage control. Bad news: When we returned from the AMA Dragbike race in Norwalk we had his NSF check and Notice of Bankruptcy paperwork for McKinney in the mailbox. His bankruptcy hearing is 11/5/2008. I doubt he will be successful due to all the fraudulent activity surrounding his debt and he still has multiple criminal charges pending. Time will tell.

01/21/09: Received a check for $600 postdated for January 20th on 1/7/09. Deposited it today. Let's see if this one works!

5/30/09: McKinney was sentenced today. He got a few years probation and a few months of house arrest. I'm not sure if justice was served but at least something was done.

Counterfeit MPS ProductsCounterfiet MPS Engine Kill

7/8/15: Received an engine kill box for warranty repair/replacement. Upon inspection it was obvious it was a counterfeit box. Unfortunately we receive these more often than we would like. The reason I am posting this one is because this joker even went the extra mile and printed labels with the MPS logo. WOW

May 2006: We know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it has come to our attention that Angelo Joanos, with the eBay seller name of angelojoanos, in LaPlace, LA is selling counterfeit MPS air shifters on eBay. We have filed a complaint to eBay and have alerted the proper law enforcement agencies. The products come with MPS instructions printed from our web site and do not have MPS decals on them. I have worked for 26 years building MPSí reputation for quality products and service. I feel this misrepresentation is doing our customers a great disservice, as these products do not have a lifetime warranty through MPS as genuine MPS products do. We would like to let everyone know that these are not MPS products and we are not affiliated in any way with this eBay seller. I urge you not to buy his counterfeit products! Thank you, Dan Rudd.

Click on the links below for a sampling of information/evidence:


Scammers Suck!!!