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12/13/21: Up For Sale is my BMW S14 B23 Engine Up For Sale is my BMW S14 B23 Engine,Completely rebuilt less than 2,000Km, Bore x stroke 93.4 x 84.0,forged steel crankshaft with 5 main bearings 55mm diameter, big end journals diameter 48mm, 2 overhead camshafts (DOHC) chain driven. Asking $12000

7/19/21: Hayabusa Motor for sale 2002 Gen 1, 1300 cc Motor complete except for EFI & starter. Plus New MPS 2" aluminum oil pan complete. FBG new ignition/aluminum housing complete. And misc APE/ MPS parts new. $2,300:00 - for all Or buy stock Motor for only $1,600.00.

12/6/20: GS 1100 E parts : I have 2 complete GS1100E motors in perfect shape and 2 GS1150Heads in great shape also. Everything is in stock condition