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Accel MAP Sensor

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP)

This sensor monitors manifold vacuum, varying output voltage to the ECU as a function of load placed on the engine, providing necessary data to control fuel enrichment.

Accel ECT Sensor

Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT)

ACCELL/DFI's Coolant Temperature Sensor employs a thermistor to obtain accurate measurement of engine temperature. As the engine warms, thermistor resistance decreases, letting the ECU know that it can reduce fuel enrichment.


Accel IAT Sensor

Air Temperature Sensor (IAT)

ACCEL/DFI electronic fuel injection systems monitor inlet air temperature to provide the ECU with more accurate status of engine operating conditions. This Air temperature Sensor is a replacement for the unit supplied with ACCEL Super-Ram EFI Systems. It helps determine the proper amount of fuel to inject.

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 Accel Bosch Wide band O2 Sensor



 Accel NA Map Sensor (1 Bar)



 MPS Connector MAP Sensor



 Accel Coolant Temp Sensor



 MPS Connector Coolant Temp Sensor GM Style



 Accel Air Temp Sensor



 MPS Connector Air Temp Sensor



 Accel TPS Harley