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ARP (Accidental Release Protection):

Occasionally, a racer will anticipate the lights and let go too quickly, or become distracted and accidentally release the launch button. ARP lets the racer recover from this situation. By pressing the launch button back down, Dedenbear delay boxes will instantly reset themselves and wait for the racer to properly let go. All Dedenbear delay boxes have had this feature from the beginning.


A unique preprogrammed feature which prevents the launch limiter or air clutch from turning on if the launch switch is accidentally bumped. Dedenbear delay boxes with this feature do not require any "extra" switches because it is completely automatic. Covered under US Patent Number 5,652,468


Cross-over racer's reaction times are slower when they cross over because they only get a glancing view of their opponent's bulb and their eyes aren't as quick at detecting the tree turning on. Cross-Over Compensation allows the racer to preprogram the time difference and compensate for it in cross-over mode by automatically subtracting this compensation time from the total delay. This allows racers to get the same reaction times from either side of the tree. Covered under US Patent Number 5,652,468