MPS 4 Channel EGT Kit
MPS 4 Channel EGT Kit

The 4 Channel EGT Kit comes with a precision thermocouple amplifier and 4 type K thermocouples.  The amplifier’s small size (3.35” x 2.15” x .650”) makes it perfect for motorcycle applications.  The 4 Channel EGT Kit provides a highly accurate temperature measurement in range of 32-2282° Fahrenheit or 0-1250° Centigrade. It converts the thermocouple’s non-linear millivolt signal into a 0-5V linear analog output compatible with most engine management systems.  It also has built-in cold junction compensation as well so any length wires can be used.  Weld in 1/8 NPT bungs (P/N 1-0490) are not included in the kit but must be welded into the exhaust pipe of each cylinder for the thermocouples to screw into.

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 MPS 4 Channel EGT Kit



 MPS Weld Bung 1/8'' NPT