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A High Flow, High Pressure Pump in the popular "044 Style" Dimension
AEM Fuel Pump 89-50-1005

The AEM 100gph (380lph) high flow, high pressure fuel pump is perfect for high performance naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles. The high flow, high pressure fuel pump can be installed externally or in-tank using optional hardware that is sold separately. It utilizes the industry standard “044 Style” envelope and -10 AN female inlet and -6 AN female outlet connections for easy installation on new applications and for quickMPS AEM Fuel Pump Bracketreplacement of existing competitor fuel pumps. The 89-50-1005 fuel pump delivers incredible performance and value.

A male -6 to -8 AN discharge fitting with integral high pressure check valve, terminal nuts, terminal boots and installation instructions are included. Optional accessories that are sold separately include a -10 ORB fitting inlet pre-filter (for use with in-tank installations), and both -8 and -6 discharge adapters without integral check valves. Accessory fittings are hard anodized.

AEM Fuel Pressure RegulatorAEM's Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator is capable of supporting enough fuel flow for engines up to 1000 horsepower. Patented interchangeable discharge ports enable the regulator's output to match the output of any fuel pump. This universal FPR is tapped to accept a -6 AN, or 9/16”x18 fittings and includes a 1/8 NPT port for a fuel pressure gauge or pressure sensor pick up.AEM Pressure Regulator Rebuild Kit

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 AEM Fuel Pump 044 Style 380 l/h



 MPS Mounting Bracket for AEM Fuel Pump Aluminum



 MPS AEM Fuel Pump Fitting Kit



 AEM Fuel Pump In Tank, 320 l/h, E85 Alcohol



 AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator Adjustable



 AEM Pressure Regulator Rebuild Kit



 MPS AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator Fitting Kit (3 x-6 Male)



 MPS AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator Fitting Kit (2 x-6 Male, 1 Plug)


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TMPS Fuel Pumphese MPS high pressure inline fuel pumps have a lightweight compact design that fits most EFI applications including turbo and supercharged. They're ideal as a universal fuel pump for replacement, racing, or for performance purposes where higher pressure fuel is necessary. These fuel pumps are capable of supporting up to 600+ horsepower normally aspirated. Boosted applications that see higher fuel pressures can still make 500+ hp with this pump. These external inline pumps have inlet and outlet thread size of female 10mm x 1.0 and come with hose barbs for 5/16" ID fuel line. Flows 67.36 gallons per hour.

MPS In Tank Fuel Pump Kit


The MPS In Tank Fuel Pumps flow enough to support 650 horsepower and are a direct replacement to the factory fuel pump. The kit comes with all necessary hardware and instructions for an easy installation. Made in USA for long reliable service.

This is the popular Bosch Motorsports "044" fuel pump, as used by many racers. It is quite possibly, the most Bosch Fuel Pumppopular aftermarket fuel pump. It is capable of providing 300 LPH free flow and 200 LPH at 5 bar (or 72.5 psi) for up to 685 BHP. These are inline external fuel pumps. These may be installed in the fuel tank, but some custom fabrication will be required.Bosch Flow Rate In addition, feeding these inline pumps with another pump (in series), will boost the output of the Bosch 044 fuel pump even higher.

Inlet is M18 x 1.5mm female, outlet is M12 x 1.5mm female. Positive terminal is M6 stud, ground terminal is M5 stud. We try to include the hardware for these (nuts and lock washers) when we can since Bosch decided not to do so.

MPS Featherweight Fuel Pump Brackets
MPS Fueul Pump Bracket for Square Subframe   MPS Fueul Pump Bracket for Round Subframe  MPS Fueul Pump Bracket for Flat Mount

MPS Fuel Pump Bracket InstalledThese ABS Plastic brackets will mount a MPS, Walbro, or equivalent fuel pump.  There are three different brackets available.  P/N 1-0730 fits around the square tubing of a stock Hayabusa sub frame.  P/N 1-0731 fits subframes made with 1” round tubing.  P/N 1-0732 mounts to a flat plate like a standard bottle bracket.  The brackets are available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Purple, and Orange.  Black are in stock, while colors may take an extra day.

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 MPS Fuel Pump EFI 400#/hr



 MPS Fuel Pump In Tank 400#/hr Hayabusa Gen I



 Bosch Fuel Pump EFI



 MPS Bosch Fuel Pump Fitting Kit



 MPS Bracket Fuel Pump Walbro Square Subframe



 MPS Bracket Fuel Pump Walbro Round Subframe



 MPS Bracket Fuel Pump Walbro Plate Mount



 MPS Bracket Fuel Pump AEM/Bosch Square Subframe



 MPS Bracket Fuel Pump AEM/Bosch Round Subframe



 MPS Bracket Fuel Pump AEM/Bosch Plate Mount


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NX Fuel Pump



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 Motorcycle Fuel Pump



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 Accel Fuel Pump, 200#/hr @ 45 psi - 400 hp Ext



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Pro Tuner Series Fuel Pump:

Outlaw Series Fuel Pump:

Quick Star Series EFI Regulators:

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 MagnaFuel Pro Tuner EFI Fuel Pump Fixed Head 1000 HP



 MagnaFuel Outlaw Mechanical Fuel Pump



 MagnaFuel Quick Star EFI Pressure Regulator



 MagnaFuel Quick Star EFI Pressure Regulator Boost Referenced



 MagnaFuel Replacement Diaphragm for Fuel Pressure Regulator



 MagnaFuel Fitting -8 in x -8 out



 MagnaFuel Fitting -8 in x -6 out



 MagnaFuel Fitting -10 in x -8 out



 MagnaFuel Fitting -10 in x -6 out



 MagnaFuel Regulator Fitting Kit -6 in x -6 out


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Low Pressure Fuel Pump

3-15760nosThis is the same pump used in our motorcycle and other "Power Sports" kits. It is a high flowing, low pressure pump that will support up to 200 horsepower. It has a 5/16" inlet/outlet, 12 volt/5 amp rated. Flow rate: 18 gph at 4.0 psi, 5.5 psi maximum.


High Pressure Fuel Pump

Electric Fuel Pump, High Volume w/Foam Rubber Isolator – The same pump is used in many NOS Nitrous kits. This pump can be used for engines producing up to 700 horsepower at 4 psi. Features 3/8" inlet and 3/8” outlet, 12 volt/6 amp draw. Flow rate: 67 gph at 45 psi with a 100 PSI maximum. Electric Fuel Pump, High Volume w/Foam Rubber Isolator











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 NOS Small Displacement Fuel Pump



 Holley 110 Gph ''Blue'' Electric Fuel Pump w/ Regulator



 NOS Electric Fuel Pump