MPS Lectron Throttle Body Conversion Service

MPS Lectron Throttle Body Conversion Service

We can convert most used Lectron carburetors to throttle bodies for use on EFI applications.  Just send us your set of Lectron carburetors with throttle cables and we will machine them to accept our unique injector bowl.  The injector bowl accepts MPS 42 lb/hr (P/N 1-0733), 62 lb/hr (P/N 1-0449), 80 lb/hr (P/N 1-0586), 95 lb/hr (P/N 1-0662) injectors, and most aftermarket Bosch style injectors.   Fuel injectors are not included in the conversion.  The conversion comes with our throttle position sensor (P/N 1-0420) designed for 4 into one cables.  The conversion does not come with a fuel rail or fittings because there are so many ways to plumb the fuel system.  This conversion is perfect for Suzuki GS and Kawasaki Z-1 EFI conversions.  Turnaround time is usually 2 days.

MPS Lectron Throttle Body Conversion Side View

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 MPS Lectron Throttle Body Conversion Service



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