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Using a Sidewinder or a close fitting aftermarket header?? Pain in the butt to pull off your filter and inspect it, or just change it? This part helps fix all of that headache. This is a 2 piece design. You thread on the base and tighten it snug so the bolts are parallel to the ground (no more than 1/4 turn). Attach the main body and you're done - Reinstall your header for the last time this season. The filter goes on to the side.. easy and clean. Uses the filter wrench that comes with Scotts Billet oil filters.

Part Number

Description Racer Price


 Exoticycle Suzuki Oil Filter Relocator



 Exotucycle Oil Filter Relocator - Kawasaki



 Exoticycle Oil Filter Relocator O-ring Big (base)



 Exoticycle Oil Filter Relocator O-ring Small (in between)