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MPS Oil Fill Funnel Installed


MPS Oil Fill Funnel

Check out our new Oil Fill Funnel for Suzuki. It screws into the oil cap hole. No more having to hold the funnel! Available now in 11 colors!

Available AVS Colors




MPS Oil Fitting AdapterMPS Oil Fitting Adapter

These oil line adapters allow the use of standard AN fittings and braided steel oil lines. They have 1/4 NPT female center and bolt up to stock oil coolers and feed outlets using factory O-rings (new O-ring is included).


Oil Pressure Relief Valve

For Replacement of the OEM oil RPM Cycle Oil Pressure Valvepressure valve. Catastrophic engine failures are most commonly caused by a loss in oil to key components. Rod and main bearings are prime examples of that, as are cam buckets, cam lobes, and the transmission. The DMEoil pressure valve helps to reduce this by increasing oil pressure from the standard of 70psi to over 110psi to keep oil moving and is used by top engine builders.

Able to be used on the Hayabusa, GSXR 750/1000, ZX14 & ZX10. The part has been successfully tested in Drag Racing & Daily riding with outstanding results. Built to help prevent bearing failure from low oil pressure at high rpm. Great for high compression naturally aspirated motors & nitrous applications.

Suzuki Oil Pump


Suzuki Oil Pump


APE Billet ZX14 Oil Pump Cover

APE ZX14 Billet Oil Pump CoverAPE reintroduces the popular Kawasaki ZX14 heavy duty oil pump cover. This popular mod was manufactured for years by a company no longer in business.

The oem cover on the ZX14 is well known to bow under pressure and leak resulting in pressure drop. This problem is compounded when high pressure check valve is used.

The APE cover can not flex. Problem solved. The APE crank shop has seen many ZX14 cranks come in for journal repair, that might have survived if they had the APE cover.


Robinson Industries Hayabusa Oil Pump Gear

Robinson Industries Oil Pump Gear

This gear is a direct bolt in replacement for the OEM oil pump gear. This gear causes the pump to turn at faster speeds which increases oil volume and thus pressure.


Dogwood Racing EZ Drain Oil Pan

The Dogwood Racing EZ Drain Oil Pan is the perfect drain pan for low ground clearance drag bikes. It easily slides under most race bikes and features a drain hose to drain directly into a waste oil can. Perfect addition to your shop tools!

EZ Drain Oil Pan    EZ Drain Oil Pan In Use

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 MPS Oil Fitting Adapter Suzuki (each)



 MPS Oil Block Off Fitting Suzuki (each)



 DME Hayabusa/Gsxr1000 (01- 08) Oil Pressure Relief Valve



 DME Gsxr1000 09-18 Oil Pressure Relief Valve



 DME ZX14/ZX10 Oil Pressure Relief Valve



 Suzuki Hayabusa Oil Pump



 Suzuki Hayabusa Oil Galley Plug



 Suzuki Hayabusa Oil Galley Plug Gasket



 RI Hayabusa Oil Pump Gear High Volume



 R I Oil Pump Gear High Volume Gsxr1000 01-08



 RI Oil Pump Gear High Volume Zx14



 MPS Oil Fill Funnel - Please Specify Color



 APE ZX14 Billet Oil Pump Cover



 Dogwood EZ Drain Oil Pan