MPS High Flow Petcocks
MPS Petcocks

Our quality High Flow Petcocks are just the thing for your fuel starved bike. They flow plenty of fuel for any motorcycle application. They are a dual outlet design in a small package. They measure only 2 1/2" tall including the 3/8" NPT male inlet threads. They have 1/8" NPT female outlet threads and come with either a 5/16" hose barb or a #6 AN male fittings. We can also configure them with a 3rd outlet on the bottom for nitrous applications.

Part Number

Description Racer Price


 MPS High Flow Petcock 5/6 I.D. Hose x 2 Outlets



 MPS High Flow Petcock 5/6 I.D. Hose x 4 Outlets



 MPS High Flow Petcock #6 AN x 2 Outlets



 MPS Petcock Labor For Bottom Outlet