MPS Electric Air Valves

MPS Electric Air Valves

The high volume big air valve (1-0099) is a must when using the larger air cylinder and 3/8 lines. All ports are female 1/4 NPT. The standard size air valve (1-0037) are for use with Jr. (1 1/16" bore) size cylinders.

MPS Inline Air Filter


MPS strongly recommends installing an inline air filter to keep debris out of your air valve. The all-anodized, lightweight (.08 lbs) aluminum housing is compact (2.3" length, .75" diameter) and can be used directly before the air valve. The element is 40 micron, which insures minimum pressure drop.

Part Number

Description Racer Price


 MPS Electric Air Valve 1/8'' NPT



 MPS Electric Air Valve 1/4'' NPT



 MPS Air Filter 1/8'' NPT Inline



 MPS Air Filter 1/4'' NPT Inline