MPS High Pressure Components

The MPS CO2 System 7 P/N 1-0333 converts your low pressure air shifter system into a regulated high pressure system capable of hundreds of shifts from a smaller bottle. The CO2 System 7 kit comes with a 7 ounce bottle with pin valve and a Regulator assembly for paintball bottles P/N 1-0329. The bottles can be filled at any paintball refill center.

The pin valves on CO2 bottles operate like schrader valves on a tire. Pushing down the pin opens the valve. The pin valve actuator works by pushing down on the pin when you screw the on-off knob clockwise. Since CO2 is a liquid in the bottle and the regulator canít regulate liquid, you must mount the bottle so that only gas and no liquid can get into the regulator. We recommend having a small tank between the regulator and the air valve.

The Carolina Cycle hi pressure adjustable regulator is designed to be used with a Hi pressure air source to shift your motorcycle or keep a constant pressure on a boost controller.

MPS Regulator Assembly Paintball BottlesMPS CO2 System 7 oz w/ Regulator
Carolina Cycle Adjustable Pressure RegulatorMPS Pin Valve MPS Pin Valve and Adapter 1 Lb Bottle, 3/4" Thread
MPS Pin Valve & Actuator  MPS Pin Valve Actuator Only MPS Paintball Filler Assembly This old style regulator was discontinued 12/2015

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 Carolina Cycle Pressure Regulator



 MPS Regulator Assembly Paintball Bottles



 MPS CO2 System 7 oz with Regulator



 MPS Pressure Regulator Repair Kit (Plunger, Spring, Disk, Endcap,Screw)



 MPS Regulator Seal Kit



 MPS DOT Air Bottle 7 oz (no top, 2'' Diameter)



 MPS Pin Valve 5/8' Thread



 MPS Pin Valve O-Ring (Top Clear Urethane)



 MPS Pin Valve and Actuator CO2 With Hex Nipple



 MPS Pin Valve And Adapter 3/4'' to 5/8'' thread



 MPS Bottle Top Adapter 3/4-16 OD x 5/8-18 ID



 MPS Pin Valve Actuator with Hex Nipple



 MPS Paintball Filler Assembly