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MPS Hayabusa Wire Harness



MPS Sport Bike Air Shifter
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MPS Switch Swappers

  • Easy To Install
  • Super Small
    • 1-0335 1.50" x .75" x 1.0"
    • 1-0317 2.38" x 1.0" x 1.0"
  • Velcro Installation

MPS Horn/Shifter-Starter/N2O Control 1-0335

With one flip of the switch this trick little box turns your horn button into your shift button and your starter button into your nitrous button. It is designed for all bikes with a switched ground horn and switched power circuits and it comes with complete instructions. The Horn/Air Shift - Starter/Nitrous Control makes wiring your air shifter and dry nitrous an easy task.

MPS Horn Button - Air Shifter Control1-0317

This Horn Button - Air Shift Control Harness makes wiring a switch to arm either your horn or the air shifter an easy task. This sometimes daunting job is quick and simple with our control harness. They work on any bike with a horn.














Schnitz Harness

MPS Coil Harness for Ignition Kill

Tired of having to splice and solder into your stock wiring harness in order to wire up an engine kill box? So are we! Now you don't have to with the MPS Coil Harness. This Kit uses stock OEM connectors for a quick, clean installation on nearly all stock coils. Everything is included for coil wiring!

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Description Racer Price


 MPS Hayabusa & ZX14 (07-11) Air Shifter Wire Harness



 MPS Zx12 Air Shifter Wire Harness



 MPS Hayabusa ECU Shift Kill Harness Only



 MPS Horn Button/Air Shifter Control Switch Swapper



 MPS Horn/Shifter - Starter/NOS Switch Swapper



 MPS Coil Harness Suzuki - Ignition Kill



 MPS Coil Harness Kawasaki - Ignition Kill



 Schnitz Kawasaki Harness for MPS Sport Bike Engine Kill



 MSD Harness - Launchmaster With Kill Box