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Full Spectrum Batteries

The time has come for a dedicated 12v and 16v Powersports battery. After a year of extensive testing, the P.9B RR16 is now available for sale. Already a proven race winner and record setting battery, it's now available to all consumers. These batteries pack a huge punch in a small case!Full Spectrum 16v

Featherweight Battery



Featherweight Lithium Battery


MPS Featherweight Battery Box

MPS Featherweight Battery Box is made from lightweight ABS plasticand are custom made to fit the WPS Featherweight Batteries perfectly.  The MPS Featherweight Battery Box has 6 mounting holes for ¼” socket head cap screws.  It can be mounted in any direction, even upside down.  They weigh only 160 grams!



MPS Remote Start Battery Pack
MPS Remote Start Battery PackMPS Remote Start Pack No BatteriesMPS 200A Starter Relay

MPS Remote Start Battery Pack is the lightest starter pack available. Perfect for Grudge bikes that donít want to wire a starter circuit on the bike. The entire unit with batteries weighs only 5.25 pounds, so it is super easy to carry. The remote starter pack features a heavy duty solenoid, heavy duty cable connectors, and the start button integrated into the handle. It is custom made for two 240 Amp WPS Featherweight Batteries P/N 25-490-2516. It is available with the batteries as P/N 1-0779 or without batteries as P/N 1-0779-NB.


MPS Battery Charge Harness
MPS Battery Charge HarnessInstalled MPS Battery Charge Harness


Tiger Racing Hayabusa Battery Box
Tiger Racing Logo

Tiger Racing Hayabusa Battery BoxNew Battery Box for the Hayabusa. Mounts behind the headlight

This Front Mount Battery Box is designed to bolt onto the stock faring stay and provide a convenient location to mount your battery. Great for those with cut frame rails or anyone looking to add some weight to the front of the bike.

Note - Stock headlight will need to removed or highly modified to fit

Part Number

Description Racer Price


 Full Spectrum Battery 16V 750ca 5.9 X 3.4 X 4.1



 Full Spectrum Battery 16V 425ca 5.9 x 2.6 x 4.1



 Full Spectrum Battery 12V 720ca 5.9 X 3.4 X 4.2



 Full Spectrum Battery 12V 360ca 5.9 X 3.4 X 4.2



 Full Spectrum Battery 12V 160ca 4.4 x 1.6 x 3.1



 MPS Battery Box for P.152R16 Full Spectrum Battery



 MPS Battery Box for P9 Full Spectrum Battery



 MPS Battery Box for 300 or 220 amp Featherweight & Full Spectrum P.10 Batte



 Full Spectrum Battery Charger 16V



 Featherweight Lithium Battery 120 A 4 7/16 X 2 3/4 X 3 3/8



 Featherweight Lithium Battery 140 A 3 9/16 X 2 X 3 1/2



 Featherweight Lithium Battery 220 A 6 X 3 7/16 X 4 1/8



 Featherweight Lithium Battery 300 A 6 X 3 7/16 X 4 1/8



 MPS Battery Box for 300 or 220 amp Featherweight & Full Spectrum P.10 Batte



 MPS Battery Box for 120 amp Featherweight Lithium Battery



 MPS Battery Box for Hayabusa 24V Start



 MPS Remote Start Battery Pack No Batteries



 MPS Remote Start Battery Pack 220A



 MPS Remote Start Battery Pack 360A



 MPS Starter Relay 200A



 MPS Remote Start Harness



 Tiger Racing Battery Box - Hayabusa



 MPS Battery Charge Harness



 Hayabusa Engine Case Protector Starter Kickback Gen 1