MPS Ignitors for 2 Wire Coils
MPS Ignitor for 2 Wire Coils no Wires, Connector Included


Holley Four Channel Coil Driver Module

The four channel coil driver module is used to drive a two wire “dumb” ignition coil. Holley EFI ECUs require this coil driver module when running two wire “dumb” coils. Each module can drive four coils, so two are required for an eight cylinder engine that uses eight coils. Included is the coil driver module, an input harness with pins that can be connected directly into the HP or Dominator ECU, and an output harness with pigtail ends. The user must connect these to their specific coils.


FuelTech SparkPro-4

Features:FuelTech SparkPro-4

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 MPS Ignitor for 2 Wire Coils No Wires, Connectors Included



 MPS Igniter Only



 MPS Ignitor Connector 5 Conductor



 MPS Ignitor Connector 4 Conductor



 Holley 4 Channel Dumb Coil Driver



 FuelTech SparkPro-4 w/o harness



 FuelTech SparkPro-4 Harness 6ft