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2 Stage WOT/RPM Activated Window Switch

NOS 3-15982nos window switch Tired of having to replace RPM pills every time you want to change the activation RPM of your nitrous kit? How About needing two RPM activated window switches to control your 2 stages of nitrous? Well, your worries and woes are over. Nitrous Oxide Systems is proud to present our 2 Stage Wide Open Throttle/ RPM activated Window Switch with Shift Light Control. The WOT/RPM activated window switch is a small, compact, user friendly unit with features like, 2 fully programmable independent RPM window switches that can operate from 0 to 20,000 RPM for anything from a low rpm engine to a high revving sport bike. It has the capability to read a rising or falling throttle position sensor for accurate activations every time. The WOT/RPM activated window switch also features a programmable output to activate a shift light for on–time gear pounding shifts and a handy recall feature that shows max RPM and TPS voltage for easy set–up. Also comes in the 02121NOS, 05134NOS, and 05135NOS kits. Window switches have just been taken to the next level!



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 NOS Universal RPM -TPS Activation Switch