Nitrous Nozzles

MPS Air Box Nitrous Nozzle Mount Kit for Gen I Hayabusa

MPS Air Box Nozzle KitThese little ABS plastic mounts will replace the vacuum motor in the bottom of a Gen 1 Hayabusa air box. Just remove the vacuum motor and replace with a quarter turn and they are installed. Their jet holder fitting uses a flare style jet (NX brass or NOS stainless steel flare).
Air Box Nozzle Mount Video

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NOS Fogger Nozzles

3-13700bnosThe original, patented NOS Fogger nozzle revolutionized the way nitrous oxide and fuel were dispersed into an engine. To this day, 3-13716nosthere's nothing better than it for a variety of applications. However, as engine displacements got bigger, cylinder head designs got better and camshaft technology advanced, it became evident that greater precision was needed and NOS developed the Fogger2 nozzle (3-13700BNOS). Its unique flow design provides superior atomization of supplemental fuel as well as more even fuel distribution within the nitrous flow than other nozzles. Changing power levels takes only seconds and is simply a matter of changing the fuel and nitrous jets on the nozzle. Both the original Fogger and Fogger2 nozzles are made of brass and have a black finish. They feature an etched NOS logo and tags for fuel and N2O identification during installation or jet changes. For alcohol applications, please call our Technical Support Department at 321-972-8282.

3-13500nosNOS Fan Spray Nozzles

The NOS line of Fan Spray or Jet Spray nozzles are designed to be used as independent nozzles for nitrous and fuel where installation restrictions might make the Fogger Nozzle impractical. For example, the hidden under-the-manifold direct port nitrous system utilizes Jet Spray nozzles due to room restrictions. Fan Spray nozzles are fully adjustable with a simple jet change and feature injection at a 90 angle much like the NOS Fogger2 Nozzle. Jet Spray nozzles have a fixed metering orifice and spray at either straight or 90 angles depending on your needs.

NOS Nozzle Mounts

3-17283nosWhen you can't put your FoggerTM nozzles into an aluminum intake runner, these handy little mounts make it easy to install the nozzles into rubber intake boots/manifolds. Order one for each cylinder; nut and collar included.

NOTE: Jets separately are sold separately.


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NX Fogger Nozzles

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 MPS Nitrous Nozzle Mount Kit Hayabusa Gen I



 NOS Fogger2 Nozzle



 NOS Soft Plume 90 Fogger Nozzle - Stainless Steel



 NOS Fan Spray Nozzle - Blue



 NOS Fan Spray Nozzle - Red



 NOS 1/8'' Tube Cone Ferule



 NOS 3AN X 1/8 Blue



 NOS 3AN X 1/8 Red



 NOS Flat Nozzle Mounting Kit



 NOS 1/16'' NPT Tap for NOS Fogger & Fan Spray Nozzles



 NX Prianha Nozzle



 NX Stainless Steel Vortech Nozzle



 NX Shark Nozzle



 NX SX2 Nozzle



 NX Shark S.H.O. 400 HP EFI Nozzle



 NX STD (Straight Thru Design) Nozzle



 NX 1/16' NPT Tap for Piranha Nozzle



 NX 1/8' NPT Tap for Shark Nozzle



 NX Shark & Piranha Nozzle Fitting / Jet Holder



 NX STD, SX2 & SSV Nozzel Fitting / Jet Holder