Nitrous and Fuel Filters

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3-15550nosOne of the most important components of any nitrous system is a good filter. NOS filters feature an aircraft-type reusable stainless steel mesh filter element to keep contaminants from attacking a solenoid and plugging the jets. These NOS hi-flow billet aluminum filters feature a precision 2024 billet aluminum body and a 140-micron serviceable stainless steel mesh filter element that has 10 times the filtering area of a standard filter. Our filters feature a radius on the outlet fitting to maximize flow and are available in a variety of sizes depending on your needs.

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In-Line Fuel Filter

40-230106erlPaper is great for making notes, but as a filtering element it can't hold a candle to sintered bronze! Now, Earl's has an in-line 35 micron sintered bronze element fuel filter that can be easily disassembled for inspection and cleaning. Available with size 6 or 8 AN, or hose barb end fittings for use with Earl's high performance fuel line and fittings. Blue anodized finish makes this a hi-tech looking as well as practical addition to any engine. Sintered bronze filter elements also sold separately. 4 to 5 gpm flow.


Check Valves
(one-way or non-return valves)

40-251004erlThe surplus units were widely used in fuel systems for decades. However, the surplus synthetic rubber seals are not always compatible with current hydrocarbon fuels and/or additives. Earl's has redesigned the original surplus valves with modern elastomers which are not affected by most fuels and lubricants.


Part Number

Description Racer Price


 PP Fuel Filter -6AN 40 Mic Black



 NOS -4 x -4, Inline Billet Aluminum N2O Filter



 NOS -4 x -4, Inline Billet Aluminum N2O Filter Blue



 NOS -4 x -4, Inline Billet Aluminum N2O Filter Black



 NOS N2O Filter 1/8''NPT x -4AN



 NOS N2O Filter 1/8''NPT x -4AN, 90



 NOS Fuel Filter 1/8''NPT x -4AN



 NOS Fuel Filter 1/8''NPT x -4AN, 90



 Earl's -4AN Flapper Check Valve



 Earl's -6AN Flapper Check Valve



 Earl's -8AN Flapper Check Valve



 Earl's 5/16'' - 3/8'' Barb Fuel Filter



 Earl's -6AN Fuel Filter



 Earl's -8AN Fuel Filter



 Earl's Fuel Filter Element Only