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Digital Firestorm Ignition Progressive Nitrous Controller

Schnitz Firestorm ControllerThe Digital Firestorm Ignition/Nitrous Control System offers the latest digital technology to give you control overt every aspect of the nitrous and ignition system in a compact design. Racers no longer need to have an ignition unit, kill unit, shift counter, timers, nitrous controller, retard controller etc. You can also retain your stock fuel injection control unit or run carbs.

Now you can download all of your run information onto a laptop computer for review and storage. You can also make all of your adjustments and changes with or without a laptop! Last minute changes while in the staging lanes are easy with the graphic display and low profile push buttons on the unit.


Fits the following motorcycles:

DFS Kit includes: Firestorm Kit Components

*Those with GS1100-1150, KZ900-1000-J or Hayabusa w/FBG Trigger Conversion will need to purchase a DFS Crank Trigger Rotor (sold seperatly).

**Those keeping the stock ECU and Fuel Injection on the bike will need a set of Dummie Coils (sold seperatly).

***We do not recommend the .5 ohm coils, damage could occur over time to the drivers in the unit.

***The GM LS coils are not recommended for the 4 magnet set ups, dyna coil with ignitor will perform much better

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 Schnitz Firestorm Ignition / Progressive Nitrous Controller