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Welcome to Motorcycle Performance Specialties online! We have been a manufacturer and distributor of motorcycle performance products since 1980. We take great pride in all products that we manufacture or distribute. This web site is constantly being updated to give you the latest information about all the products we sell. The buttons on the top of the page and the catalog navigation bar will help you navigate quickly to the parts in which you are interested. Passing your mouse over the catalog navigation bar buttons will drop down the included categories. ..

Dynojet PC5 and Autotune Overstock
Dynojet PC5 Clearance


MPS Holley EZ Race Harness is now available
for only $999. Please call for details.

Click here for detailed article and recommendations for Holley EFI systems
MPS Holley EZ Race Harness

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PRODUCTS NOW available at MPS

MPS Featherweight Series Switch Assemblies
MPS Featherweight Triple AssemblyMPS Featherweight Dual ButtonMPS Featherweight Single Assembly

Our new Featherweight Series Switch Assemblies are made from lightweight ABS plastic and come in a variety of configurations.  All Featherweight Series Switch Assemblies feature two piece construction so there is no need to remove grips, levers, or throttles to install.  All housings are 3/4” wide so they won’t take up much real estate on your handlebars.  The Triple Switch comes complete with a top toggle switch and 2 momentary push button switches.   The Double Switch comes with 2 momentary push button switches.  The Single Switch comes with a momentary push button switch.  The momentary switches are a single pole double throw type rated at 6A 250 VAC.  The toggle switches are a single pole double throw type rated at 4A 250 VAC. All assemblies are also available in green, blue, red, white, yellow and orange when special ordered. The cost is the same but delivery may be delayed by one day.

Jiffy-tite FittingsJiffy-tite Quick Connect Fluid Connectors

MPS is proud to be the newest distributor of Jiffy-tite fittings. Jiffy-tite Motorsports makes a full line of Quick-Connect Fluid Fittings available for virtually any fuel, water, engine or transmission system on the market today. They are the fastest, most secure fittings in the industry and are approved by sanctioning bodies coast to coast.

Suzuki Clutch Kit
Suzuki Clutch Kit


MPS Hayabusa Cylinder Head Kit

MPS Hayabusa Cylinder Head KitThese high quality kits come with all parts needed to refresh your Hayabusa cylinder head. These new kits include the new triple groove Kibblewhite Black Diamond Stainless steel valves in either stock or +1mm oversize. This new stem and keeper design helps reduce the chance of a dropped valve by increasing the surface contact area of the keeper and the valve. The Hayabusa Cylinder Head Kits contain: stainless steel valves in either stock or 1mm oversize, triple groove keepers, titanium retainers, 65 pound valve springs, special spring bases, and valve seals. $1247.50 worth of parts for only $750.



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