MPS Air Compressor

MPS Air Compressor


Fill Your Air Tank On The Go!


New and Improved

These compressors are slightly larger and heavier than our previous compressors. They are much more robust and are worth the extra size and weight. They will fill your air tank quickly and reliably.


MPS Air Compressor Switches

MPS Compressor Switch

Ever get tired of flipping your air compressor switch on and off? The air compressor switches will automatically keep your air tank between 90-120 psi or 110-145 psi. The switch will automatically turn the compressor on when your tank reaches the low limit and turn it off when the tank reaches the desired psi. Now you can ride all day long shifting every shift with the button and never have to turn your compressor on and off manually.

The compressor switch has a 1/8" NPT male plug. We recommend using our push in fittings (1-0312 & 1-0123) below for easier installation.

Part Number

Description Racer Price


 MPS Air Compressor 1 CFM



 MPS Momentary Switch SPST NO (Black)



 MPS Compressor Switch 90-120 psi



 MPS Compressor Switch 110-145 psi



 MPS Straight Push in Fitting 1/8'' NPT Female x 1/4'' Ploy



 MPS Tee Poly Push in Fitting1/4'