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Welcome to Motorcycle Performance Specialties online! We have been a manufacturer and distributor of motorcycle performance products since 1980. We take great pride in all products that we manufacture or distribute. This web site is constantly being updated to give you the latest information about all the products we sell. The buttons on the top of the page and the catalog navigation bar will help you navigate quickly to the parts in which you are interested. Passing your mouse over the catalog navigation bar buttons will drop down the included categories.

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PRODUCTS NOW available at MPS

8 Tooth Rear Wheel Speed Trigger Wheel
8 Tooth Rear Wheel Speed Trigger Wheelstock trigger wheel

EFI ECUs Go to FuelTech FT600 page Go to Holley EFI page

This 4 into 1 system features light-weight stainless steel construction and weighs under 12 lbs with the included baffle installed.  It has a stepped head pipes and a large 4 inch diameter megaphone.  An O2 sensor bung is already welded in place.  The system comes with mounting hardware.


MPS 4 Channel EGT Kit
MPS 4 Channel EGT Kit


MPS Lectron Throttle Body Conversion Service
MPS Lectron Throttle Body Conversion

We can convert most used Lectron carburetors to throttle bodies for use on EFI applications.  Just send us your set of Lectron carburetors with throttle cables and we will machine them to accept our unique injector bowl. 

RSR Air Shift Module

RSR Air Shifter ModuleThe newest innovation from Ryan Schnitz Racing is the Air Shift Module. The Air Shift Module (RSR-ASM) combines all of the features many racers want into a compact, digital package loaded with adjustable features.


MPS Timing Light Adapter
MPS Timing Light Adapter

The MPS Timing Light Adapter was designed to allow the use of a standard inductive timing light on a bike with stick coils. Just unplug the coil from the spark plug. Slide the spark plug boot onto the spark plug. Push the screw end into the stick coil. Clamp the light onto the wire. Checking the timing is a must when installing stand alone ECUs. Most modern bikes do not have timing marks. You will need to make the marks yourself. This will require you to set up a degree wheel and make your marks. Some bikes will require you to get an extra engine cover to modify with a hole and a pointer. Hayabusas can be marked on the starter clutch with a punch.

Dynojet Power Commander and Autotune Overstock
Dynojet PC5 Clearance

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